fishbone cactus

How To Grow and Care For a Fishbone Cactus

The Fishbone Cactus (also known as the Zigzag Cactus) originates in the jungle unlike the cacti you are probably used to, and it’s care needs are quite unique when compared to its desert dwelling cousins.

Mother of thousands succulent in a pot on a wooden bench

Mother of Thousands – Kalanchoe daigremontiana Care and Growing Guide

Kalanchoe daigremontiana is a resilient succulent perfect for first-time succulent owners. But it is also toxic and has some other quirks that need to be considered. In this care guide, we look at those features and more to help you successfully grow mother of thousands.

close-up photo of panda plant

How To Grow and Care For a Panda Plant – Kalanchoe tomentosa

The panda plant is a unique succulent with adorably fuzzy leaves and striking black-and-white coloring. Find out how this plant’s uniqueness extends to its care and learn some tips for helping the Kalanchoe tomentos thrive in your home.

composition of flowering succulents

20 Beautiful Flowering Succulents [With Pictures]

Did you know that succulents flower? In this guide, we look at the most common flowering succulents to help you find the right plant to add some living color and beauty to your home decor.

hens and chicks plant

Hens and Chicks Plant: How to Grow and Care For

Hen and chicks is a productive succulent with a lot of charm. Find out how to care for this hearty plant, how to propagate it, and what common problems to look out for.

Close up picture of lithops in different colors

How To Grow Living Stone Plants – Lithops Succulent

Lithops succulent has a unique look that attracts novice and veteran succulent enthusiasts alike. Find out what it takes to care for “living stones” and get some exclusive tips to help your new houseplant thrive.